* How to Remove OBJECTS from Toilet TRAP

Toilets are awesome inventions of modernity, the finest that indoor plumbing has to offer. They have certainly made our lives both easier and much more hygienic too. That being said, toilets are not without their problems, with clogging being perhaps the biggest issue of all.

Whether you used too much toilet paper, you flushed something you probably shouldn’t have, or your kids decided to figure out whether or not their toy cars would fit down the drain, a clogged toilet needs to be unclogged, at least if you ever plan on using it again. Right now, we are going to figure out exactly how to remove objects from a toilet trap.

5 Best Ways to Remove Objects Stuck in Toilet Trap

OK, so if you have an object or multiple objects lodged down in the toilet trap, there are a few things that you can try doing. Now, we recommend going through this list in a step-by-step manner, or in other words, if method one does not work, try method two, and so on and so forth.

1. Use Gloves and Your Hands

Removing Objects from Toilet with Gloves Yeah, we get that nobody wants to reach into a toilet, but let’s be honest, if there is something stuck right in the trap, and you can see it, then this is probably the easiest way to get that object out. All you have to do is to put on some rubber gloves, preferably ones that reach all the way to your elbows, and then use those fingers of yours to fish out whatever is stuck in the toilet trap.

If you can see the object, and moreover, if it is something that obviously won’t flush, such as a children’s toy, then reaching into your toilet and grabbing it is not only the easiest way to go about it but also the fastest and most cost-effective. Actually, it might be the only way too.

If you drop your phone in the toilet, are you going to flush, or reach in to get it?

Yes, our next steps involve using a plunger, and then a toilet snake, but if you can see the object with your eyes, and you are able to grab it, then there is no point in trying anything else. That said, if you cannot see the object that is stuck in the trap, you cannot grab it with your fingers, and it is something that can be flushed with a bit of coaxing and muscle, then move onto the next method.

2. Use a Plunger

Plunger Ah yes, the good old plunger. This would probably be the first choice for most people. If something doesn’t flush, just use a whole lot of suction power and air pressure to mash it down through the trap. If the stuck object is something soft and pliable, then this may work.

However, if the object is very hard and really stuck in the trap, then no amount of plunging will get it free. Simply put, if something doesn’t fit around that narrow bend, then it doesn’t fit, period, which is why using your fingers to remove it is still the best option.

3. Use a Pressurized Plunger

Pressurized Plunger On the off chance that plunging your toilet didn’t work just because you couldn’t get enough power into the plunger, something you can try doing is using a special pressurized plunger. You can buy these at any hardware store for under $30.

Instead of you having to do all the heavy lifting, pressurized plungers use air pressure to blast clogged toilets free. That said, if the object stuck in the trap of your toilet is just too large, then no amount of plunging weather, pressurized or manual, is going to do the job.

4. Use a Toilet Snake

Toilet Auger When it comes down to it, besides using your fingers to unclog the toilet trap, your next best bet is to use a toilet snake, also known as a toilet auger. If the object is trapped further than you can see, or if plunging can’t get it out, then this is your next option.

All you have to do is to stick the head of the toilet auger into the trap and then start cranking the handle.

The head of the toilet snake should force its way through the objects and unclog the trap. The toilet snake, when you retract it, may also pull out objects that are caught in the trap. With that being said, if it is a rock-hard object stuck in the trap, then a toilet snake might not work either.

For a detailed guide on using this tool, read this article.

5. Use a Toilet-Safe Drain Unclogger

Drain Unclogger Although using a toilet-safe drain unclogger liquid probably won’t work if there is a solid object stuck in the toilet, there is always a chance that it could. Toilet safe drain uncloggers usually only work on organic things like her fingernails, grease, and human waste, so keep that in mind when choosing whether or not to use one. No, a drain unclogger won’t get that toy car out of the trap.

What If None of the Above Works?

OK, so if none of the above methods work, there are two other things that you can try doing.

The first thing that you can try doing, although it will take a bit of work, is to literally unbolt the toilet from the floor, turn it around and manually grab whatever object is stuck in the trap. More often than not, items will get stuck right where the toilet connects to your floor, so taking the toilet off of the floor may be your only option.

Now, if taking the toilet off the floor is not an option, maybe because you don’t have the right tools, the know-how, or because you just don’t want to, then your other only option is to call a professional. At the end of the day, you have to unclog your toilet no matter what. And if nothing else works, then shelling out the big bucks for a plumber might be your only option.

How to Remove Objects from Toilet Trap

Mistakes to Avoid, Tips & Tricks

While the above should cover it, here are some additional tips to make the process smooth:

  • If you plan on using some sort of drain unclogging liquid, make absolutely sure that it is safe for toilets. Most drain uncloggers out there may cause toilet pipes to burst.
  • If you do plan on reaching into the toilet, make sure that there is nothing sharp stuck in the trap, or you may injure yourself.
  • If you are using a toilet plunger, you might want to wear safety goggles so that dirty water does not spray up into your eyes.
  • If you have to disconnect the toilet from the floor, make sure to drain the bowl first, or else you will make quite the mess.


There you have it folks, all of the different methods that you can try to unclog your toilet trap. Remember, if everything else fails, your only option is to call a plumber.

In case your toilet is just clogged with nothing stuck in it, read this guide to unclogging a toilet without a plunger.