* Oval vs. Rectangular Bathroom Sink: Which to Get?

Whether you are planning to renovate an old bathroom or to build a new one from scratch, one of the most important things that you are going to need is the sink. Of course, no bathroom, large or small, is complete without one. That said, when you are choosing a bathroom sink, you’re going to realize that there are two main styles to pick from, these being oval and rectangular.

While both styles of sinks do serve the same purpose, there are some differences between them that you need to be aware of, both in terms of looks and functionality. So, which one should you go with? An oval sink or a rectangular sink?

Oval vs. Rectangular Bathroom Sink

Oval vs. Rectangular Bathroom Sink: What Are the Differences?

While you might think a sink is just a sink, there are some major differences between oval and rectangular sinks that you need to know about. Yes, looks play a large role, but there are also questions of functionality to consider.

1. Traditional vs. Modern Aesthetic

In terms of aesthetics, one of the biggest differences that you will find between these two sink types is that oval sinks tend to be much more traditional in nature, whereas rectangular sinks are much more modern. So, what you need to consider here is what style of bathroom you have.

Do you want to maintain an old-school look that was popular 20 years ago, or do you want to go for something new, modern, and stylish? Simply put, if you want to maintain that old-school aesthetic, you probably want to stick with a good old oval sink, but a sleek square sink is definitely going to work better with modern décor.

2. Basic vs. Unique

Yes, this is related to the above point, but something else that people do say about oval sinks is that they are quite basic in nature, whereas rectangular or square sinks can all be very unique. In other words, oval sinks tend to be a dime a dozen. They’ll more or less look the same, whereas, with rectangular sinks, there are a whole lot of varieties and styles to choose from.

A rectangular sink can be extremely unique, particularly if you buy it from a high-end plumbing fixtures shop. What you need to ask yourself is if you want something basic that does the job or something that does the job and adds a bit of flair to the equation.

Oval Sink

3. Interior Sink Space

Although oval sinks work just fine, the fact of the matter is that they just don’t have all that much interior space, especially not when it comes to flat bottom space that you can stand things up on. Due to the nature of square sinks, they have a whole lot of interior space.

This is the same concept as with vehicles. Vehicles that are boxy and square in shape have much more interior room than rounded vehicles.

A rectangular sink just has a lot more space on the inside, something that can come in handy for various tasks. That deep and wide sink basin can often be large enough to turn your sink into a makeshift baby bathtub, something that you will have a hard time doing with an oval sink.

4. Storage Around the Sink’s Rim

Now, whether or not this point is true is going to depend on the specific sink that you get. However, in general, the fact here is that square-shaped sinks and rectangular sinks usually provide you with much more storage space around the upper rim of the sink.

They generally have more counter space, which comes in handy for storing all of your toothbrushes, moisturizers, and all that other fun stuff. However, once again, keep in mind that this does depend on the specific rectangular or oval sink that you get it.

Rectangular Sink with Storage

5. Spatial Constraints

Now, as we have figured out, rectangular sinks do tend to be more spacious, but with that said, it also, therefore, serves to reason that they take up much more space. In general, you can expect a rectangular sink to take up to two times more space than a basic oval sink.

Therefore, if you have a very small bathroom that is pressed for space, it’s probably an oval sink that you want to go for. On the other hand, if you have a massive bathroom, then it might actually look odd to put an oval sink in there, something really small standing in a massive space. For very large bathrooms, rectangular sinks are generally considered to be the better choice.

6. Draining

Due to the rounded shape, oval sinks are great in terms of drainage. All water flows right towards the metal and down the drain without issue. This is not quite true for rectangular sinks, which due to their shape sometimes see water trapped on the bottom or in the corners.

This means that sometimes you might have to use your hands to swish some toothpaste or extra water down the drain. It’s not a massive deal-breaker, but it is something to think about.

7. Cleaning

Oval-shaped sinks tend to also be much easier to clean than rectangular sinks, with the reason for this being that getting into the four corners of rectangular sinks can be a little difficult. Although that said, this is a negligible difference because quite honestly, we don’t think that it’s a massive deal. However, strictly speaking, an oval-shaped sink is easier to clean.

8. Cost

The final consideration to keep in mind here is the cost. You can find oval sinks for very low prices. Sure, you can find rectangular sinks or fairly low prices too, but in general, due to their fanciness and larger size, they tend to cost quite a bit more.

Which of the Two Should You Get?

If you want something that looks truly fantastic and unique, something that works with modern décor, and has a whole lot of space, then it is the rectangular sink that you want to get. However, if you are tight-pressed for space, you just want something basic, and you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money, then an oval sink will do just fine.


Folks, the number one consideration that you should keep in mind when choosing the right bathroom sink is what your own personal preferences are. If you think that a massive square sink works well in your tiny bathroom, then go for it. At the end of the day, the choice is all yours and there are no major differences between the two.