-@How to Use a Toto Washlet

The Japanese brand Toto is one of the world’s leading producers of bathroom fixtures of all sorts. One of the innovations that we have at our disposal thanks to this brand is the Washlet, which is this brand’s term for a bidet seat.

Bidet seats or Washlets are of course a great way to keep clean after doing your business, but how do you use them? How to use a Toto Washlet is what you will learn right here and now.

How to Use a Toto Washlet

How to Use a Toto Washlet: A Step-by-Step Guide

Keep in mind that these guidelines are kept purposely general and a bit vague, as different models may have slightly different functions and controls.

Step 1: Choose from Functions (If the Model in Question Has Them)

Some Toto Washlets, the higher-end models, may come with some cool features. One of these features is the seat warming function, something that can come in handy during the wintertime. Some Toto Washlets may allow you to turn on the heated seat before you sit down, while others may allow you to do so after you sit down.

Second, some of these Toto Washlets may also come with songs that they play as you do your business. If you have a model that allows for this, now is the time to choose your audio track of preference. If you just ate a big meal and think that you will be making some noise, this is what the song feature is for.

Finally, some Washlets will also come with smell containing deodorizers that you can activate before you start doing your business.

To know exactly what features your washlet features, check its manual. Read my article on how to find a Toto toilet model number to learn how to identify the exact product you have so that you can search for its manual.

Step 2: Do Your Business

Ok, so we probably don’t need to elaborate too much here, but that said, the second step to using a Toto Washlet is to well, use it. In other words, start off by doing your business like you would in any regular toilet.

Now, whether you are a man or woman, what you need to remember here is that Washlets are of course designed to wash you, which therefore removes the need to waste a bunch of toilet paper.

In other words, instead of wiping yourself with wasteful toilet paper like you usually would, move onto the next step.

Step 3: Choose from the Gender Setting (Spray Bar Position)

Next, keep in mind that Washlets are built for both men and women. Either way, your Toto Washlet will come with a small section on the control panel that allows you to choose between men and women. If you do not classify yourself as either, such as if you identify as gender-neutral, we will leave it up to you to choose the proper setting.

Just keep in mind that the male setting will activate the rear spray bar to wash down the behind, whereas the female setting will generally activate the front spray bar for washing off female body parts. Of course, males may also choose to use the front spray bar to wash off their private area, while females may also choose the male setting or rear spray bar to wash their own behinds.

Which of the settings you choose depends not only on your gender but also whether you did a number one or a number two. In essence, this step determines whether the front or rear spray bar will be activated.

Step 4: Choose Your Settings

This is the step where you can choose the water volume and water pressure that will be used to clean off your backside. You will see two small control sections, one for water volume and one for water pressure.

Generally speaking, most models will come with simple + and – signs to adjust both of these parameters. If it is your first time using a Toto Washlet, it is recommended that you start off with the lowest levels for both water pressure and volume. If you turn both up to the highest levels, you might be in for quite the shock.

Step 5: Use the Nozzles

Fire cannons!

All jokes aside, this is the step where you press the activation button in order to activate the specific water jet, front or rear, that you selected in the previous step. Keep in mind that it’s best to start with low water volume and pressure.

You can always crank them up once the jet has started spraying. Once you press the button, beware, there will be a water jet spraying in your direction! Once you feel like you are adequately clean, you can press the “stop” button to shut down the water jets.

Step 6: Air Dry to Perfection

Finally, most Toto Washlets will come with an air-dry feature, kind of like a hairdryer, but not for your hair. You may now choose to activate the air dryer to dry off the water that was sprayed in the previous step.

Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Washlet

Let’s quickly go over some Toto Washlet use tips so you don’t make a mess or give yourself a surprise.

  • Never turn the water jets up to full volume or full pressure on your first use. These things can have some serious power to them, so before you turn them up to the max, make sure you know how powerful each setting is. In other words, start on the lower settings.
  • Now, although it is possible for men to use the front-facing jet to clean off their front, it is best to use the lower settings, especially in terms of water pressure. As men know, those private parts are quite sensitive, so shooting a pressurized jet of water in that general direction should be done with caution. Start slow.
  • Although, generally speaking, Washlets should not activate without anybody sitting on them, sometimes they may, or some models may not have this preventative feature. Never try to turn on the water jets if you aren’t sitting on it, or else you will end up making quite the mess.


There you have it, folks, a comprehensive step by step guide on how to use Toto Washlets, as well as bidet seats in general.

As long as you keep our tips in mind, you shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever.